On Zumba: Prostitution, or consenting adults engaging in the exchange of money for goods/services. Why no expectation of privacy? To be filmed pornographically requires a waiver a signature, consent. Or, to make this even simpler, if it were women who had been filmed without their knowledge, the outrage would be magnified, but because it is men who were paying for goods/services, they have no reasonable expectation of privacy?

On the Texas cheerleaders: Would you be as adamant and supportive if those were verses of the Havamal, and regard others rights for free speech as well? And I’m pretty sure that since school property is protected by it being not your average public zone, well, you guys will be the poster children for derp. But it’s Texas, so…heart attack from not surprise?

On the Saints Fan suing the NFL. Protip: Your tickets paid for you to see a saints game, you are not guaranteed to see a player, especially since you know some dudes might stay benched the whole game or get injured. Please nurse your butthurt, and stop being absurd.



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