Air Force Cadet

Air Force dumbface: Let me introduce you to the Army, “Family Care Plan” required if you have children, married or no. Meaning, you have a document that states that there is someone to take long and short term care of your child(ren) so you can fulfill your military obligation. If you cannot provide or sustain one, you can be chaptered out for failure to family care planning. That you would pretend to be dumb, is deeply butt offensive. An officer candidate, forgot, a specific line in a contract they signed, stating to report changes, including pregnancy? This smells more like you are trying to turn a concerted effort to be non-deployable into a witch hunt to soothe your buttpain so you can survive on your own. Also, fuck you for calling it “accidentally” pregnant. There is a precision required to inserting a penis in your vagina, that silly device that causes pregnancy, a potential risk of fornicating. Oops my erection accidentally fell out and into you. ACCIDENT HOOOOOOO!



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