AT&T. An episode of mediocrity.

I’ve long been a customer of ATT, since they were Cingular to be precise. While stationed in Fort Bliss, receiving service from Southwestern Bell, my then spouse was offered our entry into the world of cell phones and family plans.

While I was in the field, I was able to stay in contact with my family, managing fairly reliable service when so many others with Sprint and Verizon did not.

Since that time I have upgraded, and never once have I been successful at getting that mail in rebate, so I paid full price for each new upgrade that I ever did, and at the time my pay allowed for it, so I got more phone whorey than is reasonable. Not saying that entitles me to anything, but if I were a company and a customer upgraded my service and wasn’t getting the discounted price, the ultimate best price repeatedly. I would take that into account and find another way to accommodate such loyalty.

2011, I’d like to get both kids an Iphone, the 3G since its available for 50 dollars. I was able to upgrade one line to that phone, but in order to get both of my teens one, I opted to add a line, which was going to stay empty and unused, the phone would get her number.

That the customer service agent would not recommend something different or try to work out a different deal instead of adding a line that isn’t going to get utilized bothers me, but I guess in the end for them it isn’t about customer service, it’s about getting that contract, and making their dollars.

During the same transaction, they removed insurance coverage from all phones, assuring me that I could simply have it applied to whatever phone needed insurance at the time.

I discovered this wasn’t true when not long after, one of the iphones was dropped and the screen shattered. So with the phone broken, I cannot afford to replace it, it’s not time to upgrade, and they have no other solutions for me. Pretty soon, the second Iphone follows suit, and again not insured, can’t upgrade, la dee dah.

The heatwave that rolled through toasted my phone, and rendered the touchscreen unreliably inoperable. I could not make or receive phone calls because the touch screen would not respond appropriately.

So it’s bugging me pretty royal that I’m stuck in this contract with ATT with nearly useless phones, they don’t have to fix where they screwed me, but I’m supposed to keep paying for bad service and non working phones? That part wasn’t in the contract.

I went in to a local store and spoke to an employee who assured me if I paid my balance, he could get me three new working phones, and kill the unnecessary line. I went to the atm to get money and when I returned, a single female employee/manager who was there with another customer while i was being helped by the one gentleman was closing, and when i asked her about the conversation earlier, her attitude was dismissive, rude, and she said “i don’t know what he promised you, but we can’t do that.”

I’m done paying ATT for phones that do not work, and a total run around in customer service. I will take it up in small claims court, what I owe on my past due, and whatever “cancellation” fee they want to charge me for being dissatisfied with their product and service, after all this time of being a customer. I can get three no contract phones, and have a much more sense making bill through someone who isn’t ATT.



2 Responses to “AT&T. An episode of mediocrity.”

  1. Must be a real drag, being a full-time victim can be SO exhausting, I’d suppose (But would not know, of course..) Can hardly wait to see what sort of

  2. Apparently, my previous comments were misinterpreted, to the point where I feel an explanation is owed.
    Firstly, I did NOT mean to imply that the author of this blog, the artist whose paintings appear throughout this site, or ANY SPECIFIC individual is a full-time victim, or anything else, for that matter, I was commenting in a very generalised- manner about a discussion I’d had earlier in the day, that was in some ways similar to the “A.T.&T.” gripe, which, as I happen to know firsthand, is, in this instance, a valid, legitimate gripe.
    This comment of mine was NOT intended to be disparaging toward the author of the Blog, and, if I had to cast an opinion one way or another, I have a profound respect for the author, even when I do not agree, I continue admiring the intellect and the point of view put forth. I myself am the proud owner of one of the original paintings that this talented artist has been generous enough to make available to me at a very reasonable term, & this painting is now prominently displayed in my sleeping quarters..
    I have NOTHING but good to say about this multiitalented individual, and feel nothing but respect, admiration, and the sincerest of affections toward the artist who will be referred to here as chaoticnutroll (Or, in certain circles, David Byrne II)


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