20+ funerals, and a wedding

While in MI for a wedding, I heard the news about Connecticut. I still haven’t read all my favorite corners of the internets’ thoughts and feelings and opinions, but I understand anon reacted to another picket planning by WBC and helpfully doxed their balls off. 

Privacy in all things, unless you’re being a complete rube. Then we paint the walls with your bullshit and sins. Someday mine will be there too, I expect it and can still breath easier than some of my comrades.

I am unimpressed and disappointed (only in verbiage, I couldn’t give two rat fucks about either of these two if you paid me) in Hoda and Kathy Lee Griffin with their interview of Mr. Cena, Jon in the wrestling universe. Not to say that the man isn’t allowed to have progressive thoughts on gun control, but you’re interviewing a guy who’s life and income is based on the glorification and magnification of violence. Instead of “what positive benefit do we get from paying to witness Cena and those like him pound people in their faces?” we get “tee hee, what should we do about guns! why do we let people buy assault rifles??”

It saddens me to think of the planning for the holidays those families had been engaged in and now it’s just…raw for them. Also, I have no idea what kind of person the remaining brother is, but I am sorry for him as well, before anyone had the facts, the truth that this guy just lost his mother and his brother in a horrific act that includes the death of many children, we the good brave people had the intestinal bravery to spew vitriol and hate on this poor guy’s facebook page. I for one am glad that things like justice aren’t in our own stupid, overreactive, clumsy hands, because if they’d had their way, they would have torn him to pieces, and then maybe have had the decency to be sorry later. Probably not. We are so typical.




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