We have the right as humans to defend ourselves from harm. If there is anything in this life I have learned it is that people are capable of terrible awful things. Even the people we love and trust more than knowing there will be another breath of oxygen for you inhale after the next, are capable of monstrous things.

Having served my country and trained with varied munitions, I can’t think of any good reason to use an assault weapon (the very name “assault” inferring violence) except as a people deterrent.

Guns can’t hurt people without a person to operate and manipulate it. By itself, it is a cold, inert, soulless, object full of potential, but will remain in its state of rest until either someone retrieves it, or a natural disaster/accident turns it into a dangerous object of destruction by high winds, or fire.

Is every human capable of the responsibility and discipline required to use a gun? No. Therefore, not all humans should have the right to buy one, use one, whatever. You wouldn’t give a gun to a baby, or a human with mental defects.

So how do we ensure that the humans who can be trusted to operate a gun with respect, reverence, consideration of others, are the only ones who can get them?

You can’t. People lie.

How do we maintain the ability to defend ourselves from predators and human bad guys who might have something more sophisticated to hurt or threaten us with?

Don’t tell me my only option is to lay down and bleed, die so you can use my corpse as fodder for your propaganda.



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