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At Weiner’s End

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on July 24, 2013 by chaoticnutroll

The fact that people can forgive your dumb dick pictures and cheating on your wife really isn’t the point and shouldn’t be your battle cry. Yeah verily and somehow Mark Sanford was elected again, and that dude banged his mistress on tax payers funds and tax payer time.

When you screw up like this, people expect a moderate amount of humility and the effects of having been chastened, and from you, Mr. Weiner, we have seen none of that. We’ve seen your crappy covers and lies, deftly torn to shreds by the truth. We’ve seen your defiance and it’s as though you live in a world where none of these things occurred and you are just a victim of unfortunate circumstance.

You didn’t own your mistake until you were backed into a corner, hand forced because you decided to invoke the possibility of having been “hacked”. You were internet unworthy when you began and you’ve shown no signs of having smartened up, wisened up, or you know actually being sorry for being a dirtbag, instead of sorry you got caught.

Best of luck in your future dickdeavors…..may they involve a lot less of what you’re doing right now.



Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2013 by chaoticnutroll

There’s a reason I would write a wreck of stream of consciousness and be able to keep dancing endlessly through the evening hours. Kept my rear out of trouble on more than one occasion, and have soothed an army of savage wanderers.

Communicating one on one is a grand merry go round of mirth and subsidy, but when I write all the truth unfolds gentle into the space intended for it. The voices and disagreements in my head can take a vacation and when its finished, they can pound sand.

I have ideas as usual tumbling around and am slowly trying to make at least a few of them real. For now I will write.