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The unibrow

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When we weren’t swearing at each other over Risk, Hearts, Monopoly and Spades, things would get a little johnny knoxville down range, especially since Jackass was one of the few dvds we had on rotation at the sleep tent, and one day I was handed an electric razor with a mission and a sleeping target.

Light an eyebrow moments later, SPC B was grumpy that he’d been got, and so to assuage his butthurt, I took the razor to my own face, shearing off one eyebrow, telling him to stop crying and that it would grow back, see I’d just done it to myself and I was fine. My squad sergeant begged me to let him do the other one so I’d be symmetrical, but since it didn’t violate the regulation, I told him in professional terms to fuck off, and leave me with my ragged space.

Later I would notice other troops in the chow tent bearing the same signs of having a little jackassery to bend the time. As my eyebrow grew back in, I’d see and get a knowing wink or nod from others with ragged, patchy, eyebrows as we wore our mischief in solidarity.


Biting the apple

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Inherited a macbookpro which runs wow decent, and is making me pleased with its ability to be so nicely functional for working on the bamboo tablet. It’s different getting used to using mac from being such a dedicated PC user, having to learn new command abilities and how to navigate the system at all. There’s a lot about using a mac that is ridiculously simple, and some things that are ball painy, because i’m the boss applesauce, don’t tell me what i can and cannot do with my device. Fuck youuuuu.

It’s been an interesting journey these last couple of weeks, have had some crucial and memorable experiences, as well as clarity and a sense of well being.

Catharsis is heavy and light at once. I’m so glad I got to see friends and family, and realize that I’m not the prodigal kid coming home, and never was.

I really am ok, and I’m enjoying how things are going, until such time as change is necessary and happens whether or not I like it or am at the helm of it’s ship of destruction.

More paintings and drawings to come, as well as a project I’d thought might be silly but may very well turn out to be just the ticket to pulling lots of folks together and being ready for vikingzombiepocalypse.