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precious things

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2014 by chaoticnutroll

So I run faster, but it caught me here

yes my loyalties turn like my anchor….

It’s been so dark and dusty, a masquerade between my darkness and poison and where I’d like to be dancing in sequence with the dreams that lull me and stir me.

I see the end to many heavy things coming within my reach in reach of my fingertips which long to be as destructive as they’ve known for hours and minutes and sonnets in the dark and light. I have the penchant to create and all I want to do in the echo of my sorrow is to burn and cause the tears of those that I’ve watched in interest and in pain.

Things tunnel down into a narrow spire of agony and I’m not sure which direction the circumference will end on.

There are things I want to sing you the truth of, and here I am caught in a vessel of my own armor and the images this mirror taunts me with. Waiting for you to wave me off like so much time earned me before. You don’t say the words but I hear them in my skull like a resonating chorus of my rewards from all of my stumbling and discovery.

I know the road you are emblazoned with isn’t the one you were looking for, but it’s where you remain for now, and I am here to reply with light and longing. I am here I am here I am here.

I dream of you awake and alight. I see you in the shadows of where your home casts. I hear you in my sleep and I dream of sonnets to rhyme your disappointment with to reveal something that would offer you valiance.

I can taste your sadness and frustration. I will send what I can.