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Recovering corrupted data. Analyzing. Being lost again.

I am tired. I see myself and what I dream dissolving as I somehow maintain singularity. Why do these wolves hunt behind me, following my descent into destruction? I have a paper which promises amazing things, and it reminded me with an uncomfortable sensation what kind of power I’m supposed to have.

I don’t want to hold you responsible at all for my inability to adjust. 

Keep me from destroying myself.


Posted in Uncategorized on April 22, 2014 by chaoticnutroll

around abound afound alound and here we here we go a a again i think this time maybe it will be for real this evening seems to be pouring forth unabated for some reason. it’s time it’s time it’s time to get these things out and to let them be what they will because they seem to be already everywhere unless you live in the tiniest of hobbit hills, something i am simply not invested in as much as i wish i could sever myself from these wires and be

i seem to repetitiously repeat myself about some ugly things and that is because they revisit me often, intrusively, violating my breath and routine and keeping me stagnant against my wishes. there is no button on this mortal plane to set them free. no conversations with any deities, light or dark have the actual response for this discrepancy. they simmer viciously, making faces of the dead among the living around me, playing with my senses and balance; tearing through my dreams a bitter and unwelcome architecture.