everyday is like sunday

lines drawn shots fired
who made you the hitman hired
years pass by how can i miss
the things with the most poisonous kiss
i knew it then i know it now
i don’t need you need me somehow


Been running repeatedly into a wall of disfunction. It’s simple data not where it needs to be giving the appropriate commands, but because there are some that do not do not do not understand this even a smidge, we receive a fuckjoke of a workload from returned equipment because they don’t get that if it’s not part of a simple double check on their part, it’s bigger than a bad box.

I don’t know if I should be afraid or laugh my ass off. Please tell me that I haven’t found a plane of intelligence so up that I am uncomfortable now. If I am getting it right, then something definitely has to be wrong somewhere, because I’m not a genius. I’m no special sauce. I do what I do and if I happen to get things right sometimes, that’s great for me, I’ve escaped the flame of adjudication another day.

There is so much talent out there that dwarfs me, I love to read about it and learn. 

I love to read about it and learn.

Learn learn learn. It’s just so unfortunate that the time to learn will end before I’ve explored all parameters. And others before me I know died craving more learning.

I’m grateful for this time here, I look forward to more later. 



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