“The things I’d have to invest beyond what I already have to protect myself from your bullshit is more than I can bear.” She thought.
“You haven’t cost me enough as it is, no, I’ll have to continue being cost emotion, time and money.”
Each word banging against her grimly set lips and mind and heart.
It’s as though the only way to survive is to let you linger exactly where you are, and do nothing.

I cannot stand how you still control us.

You pride yourself as some sort of hero and gentleman, the only gentlemanly thing you could do now is to take a walk into the forest and never return.

I want to say that if you don’t set us free, I will lose my mind and I will ignite in rage and sear my way to you in a pulse of action, and then you will be silent, and still. And things will burn and crumble, but at least, this will be over.

If this is what they meant by Ragnarokr, then let it come, and fall around us like embering ash.



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