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To follow/begin/sever

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She sent us a group message. I say she, it came from her number and we have no doubt it was from her.

She said she had passed two weeks before, and had been buried in faraway terrain. Not something she could afford by finance or other symbolic debt as far as we knew. It didn’t matter, because we’d grieved enough to meet her end or otherwise, this was already spoken for.

It would have been nice, it would have been solid to have something legit to tack a milestone to, but she would rather deny us that and leave us with poisonous uncertainty.

She was always uncertainty, we just didn’t follow.

We are free of her now, to believe she is gone and absent forever, and even if she wasn’t we would demand it so because of her choices to manipulate and deceive.

Then: Thank you for our freedom.


It grows today

Posted in Uncategorized on August 15, 2015 by chaoticnutroll

Drumming to the vibrant sound

There are things I love and cherish and things I detest.

Keep your pain and disappointment at a distance, I beg, I’ve known them longer than I needed.

Possibilities await me and I am confident of the fruition, whether it is what I thought I wanted or not.

You await my permission to drift and wither and I await the chance to give it.

I will stop being afraid and realign my focus.

Let’s start for sure.