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Nothing can stop me now cause I just don’t care

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Hey pig

nothing’s turning out the way I planned

Hey, pig.

there’s a lot of things I hoped you could help me understand.

What am I supposed to do?


and then things took off at an astonishing rate. I tried to warn them, to tell them, to plead with them and they didn’t believe me.

it’s ok, because I have proof that they were out of line douchebags and the fact that she called me twice after her work hours to tell me what was up, well, that was something. Basically a permission slip to move as fast as I can because they want shit changed, and I guess I had no right to question my role.

Did it happen? Yes. Because of me? Some of it.

Then it was probably meant to be, bitch. Stop crying.

We will see what happens now, we will see, we will see we will see. In the mean time I endeavor to purchase a cigarette, so I suppose that is what I will have to do.

Today is the first day I officially asked for help. You can donate and give us a foundation to begin anew with, or laugh derisively.



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I once worked for a local broadband company, as of yesterday. The work was familiar in ways to what I had done in the Army and despite the sass, I enjoyed it.

When I started, there were three of us. One guy who’d been here awhile, one temp, and me. The new guy.

The temp, seemed more interested in my ass, than doing his job. After a month of me denying him, and him shamming, he left. Said he had an interview at another place one day when he didn’t show up, and then never came back even when he was given the chance.

Soon after, after one supervisor’s son had worked incredibly briefly; (because he was destined to be a baseball pro) we got another guy. I was asked to work less to justify having the third guy.

Once he started